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I was born in Racine, WI in 1965 and I’m the fifth of six children born to Fredric and Lorraine Brewer. I played collegiate football my first year in college. After studying pre-med my first two years, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Madison with an English degree.
I moved to Chicago shortly after college and worked at a small advertising agency in Downtown. I opened my own advertising agency within a few years called where I help businesses with their website, advertising, and design needs.
During this time, I also work as a fit model for many of the largest clothing manufacturers in the Midwest including Lands End, Kohls, Sears, Cintas, and Overland. I’m able to do this because my measurements match a medium and my size has not changed in the past thirty years. As a fit model, I help ensure clothing fits appropriately and ensure there are no tension areas before going into production.
On a personal note, I enjoy staying active and being outside. That includes traveling and exploring new places. This could be finding a new hiking or biking trail, or sitting outside at a café and enjoying new flavors. Since I love food, that means I’m also cooking and trying new recipes.

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Part Three is a full service advertising agency that helps business reach their full marketing potential.