My post today will detail the most important factor in staying healthy and looking younger—exercise. I’m sure this is not a huge surprise but I will say that exercise does not mean running a marathon or lifting weights. It only means keeping active. Exercise could be as simple as going for a walk, taking the stairs at work, or doing some yard work. What’s important is that you keep your body moving.


Your body has an amazing repair system called the circulatory system. If you get a cut, your circulatory system goes into action and repairs it by sending new blood to the area to repair it. This is why many cuts and injuries turn red—new blood is rushing to the region to make it like new. The better the circulatory system, the faster and better an injury will heal. The same can be said about your body repairing itself with aging. As you get older, your body is trying to repair itself, but if your circulatory system is not as efficient, you will age faster. When you’re young and active, you don’t age as fast because you’re more active and your body is working at an optimum level. The opposite can be said why older people tend to age faster. Once they lose their ability to move, their circulatory system slows down and it cannot repair the effects of aging.


What’s the answer? Never lose the ability to keep mobile. Like I mentioned before, you don’t have to start jogging. I will describe many simple ways of staying active in future posts. The key is doing something simple every day. Currently, I work out two or three times a week but I try to circulate my blood every day of the week. There are some days when my training is more active, but there are many days when I just jump on a stationary bike for 15 minutes. My wife will sometimes ask how my workout went after going to the gym. I simply tell her that it was nothing great, I just wanted to get the blood moving. If I didn’t get that simple circulation, it’s one more day that my body has aged. I will explain in future posts some simple work outs along with other ways to circulate your blood without exercising.


You may say the circulator system works regardless if you’re working out. But when you exercise and move, extra blood is rushing to your legs, arms and face to renew those areas. Your hands and feet will benefit even more since it’s harder for your body to deliver blood to these far-reaching parts.


Try exercising once a week or month. One time is better than none. If it feels rewarding, try it twice a month or week. Pretty soon you’ll be doing it more and more since each time will get easier.


The best part is that besides getting extra circulation to your body, you will be burning more calories. Treat yourself later that night to a dessert or maybe hold off if you’re trying to lose weight. Either way, just know that you took one more step to staying healthy and young.

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  • Ken

    Goid stuff Fred !

    So ironic that I was thinking about this exact subject today. The legs and arms are EXTREMITIES therefore without a good circulatory system, the extremities will be the first to start cramping up and eventually deteriorate over time. It’s no mystery that people who lose thier mobility eventually lose leg and arm function.

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