I created this blog to share my thoughts on how to live a healthier and longer life.  I began by listing the most important factors first—exercise/movement, exfoliation and eating right.  To access these pages, you need to scroll to the first post, which is located on the last blog page where the headline reads: “Why I started a Health Blog”.  Then, read the following posts backwards in order.  The reason being that later posts are validated by posts made earlier.  For example, about half-way through my blog, I reason why people over-moisturize their skin.  This is proven by a previous post on how I stopped using lip balm because applying too much sent a message to my body signaling that outside factors will moisten the skin instead of the body needing to do it.  I couldn’t have proven my belief about skin moisturizing until I set it up first with a point about lip balm.

Feel free to browse through the posts and click on the ones that catch your attention.  But remember, there are many factors that help you look younger and healthier.  Even though there are subjects that you think are not important or you’ve heard before, read every post because there may be something that you didn’t know before.  In addition, I did not create this blog to rehash what was written previously by others.  I wrote it because I have a system that was never before mentioned.  Even if you’ve read my posts before, read them again because there may be something that you may have missed the first time.

Either way, enjoy the blog and feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments.