Your skin is constantly shedding.  This is the body’s natural way of rejuvenating itself.  If this is the case, why are we putting on lotion to save old skin?  What we really want to do is scrub it away.  For this reason, I find that if I have dry skin in a certain area, I try exfoliating it first.  If it’s still dry afterwards, I then apply lotion. 


There is a second strategy to using lotion.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big believer that the body is very good at regulating itself.  I proved this in my previous post about lip balm in that if you keep applying more, you’re signaling to your body that it doesn’t need to monitor itself.  This is no truer than when it comes to applying lotion to the face and body.  If you’re trying to moisturize your face so it doesn’t wrinkle, don’t do it too much because then you’re signaling your body that it doesn’t have to do the job itself.  If you keep applying it, your body will only become more addicted to it and need more.  What you have to do is train your body to do it naturally.  Only apply when it’s absolutely needed.  When are the times that you don’t need lotion?


When It’s Hot Out

What’s the first thing that happens when we go out on a hot day?  We start to perspire.  These are natural oils created by our body to cool but also moisturize the skin naturally.  If this is the case, why would we put lotion on before heading out?  If anything, the lotion will only clog the pores and cause other problems.  And I don’t know about you, but I would rather use my body’s natural oils instead of some lotion that was created in a lab. 


After Exercising

When you work out, your body cools the body by sweating.  This moisturizes the skin initially.  When we wash it off in the shower, your blood is still circulating at a high level.  Your body is a little warmer than usual and is still working to keep it cool by slightly perspiring.  If so, there’s no need to put lotion on your skin when it’s already getting natural oils from staying cool. 


After Taking A Steam or Bath

As I said in an early post, taking a steam or bath is a great way to circulate the bloodstream.  This helps repair the body and create new skin.   And just how your body cools itself after exercising, your skin will moisturize naturally by perspiring to stay cool.  Because of this, there’s no reason to add more lotion.


After Exfoliating

In one of my first few posts, I stated how exfoliating is essential for creating new skin.  It also clears away old layers to open pores.  When you scrub, the body naturally responds by creating new skin.  It also sends natural oils to soothe and repair the area.  Due to this, there’s no reason to add lotion when the skin is already being moisturized.  If you do, it will signal the body that it doesn’t have to do it naturally.  Also, since I’m working out throughout the week, and my skin is getting natural oils on these days. I tend to exfoliate on my off days so my skin is being moisturized daily.   


So, let’s review.  If you’re working out a few times a week, taking a steam or bath one day a week, and then exfoliating a couple times a week on the other days, you’ve covered every day and there is no need to put on lotion before bed.  You’re training your body to moisturize it, which is the healthiest way to do it.  I rarely or if ever have to put lotion on my face before sleeping.


When We Do Need Lotion

Of course, there are times when you need to put lotion on. 


Sun Block

If you’re outside for an extended amount of time during the spring and summer, you need to apply sunscreen to ensure you’re not getting too much exposure.  But remember, as I also wrote on the same post, you don’t need to put on sun block in the winter.  If you’re saying the harsh winters dries the skin, do we spend that much time outside when the weather is severe?  We usually spend most of it inside.  If you’re saying the air is dry inside, if you follow the steps listed above, you won’t be affected.  Just how I stopped using lip balm in the winter and my body adjusted naturally, the same can be said about your skin.


After Shaving

I usually always put lotion on my face after shaving.  It’s a way to soothe the skin after sharp metal has just removed the top layer of skin, and sometimes, more skin that I want.  I will say that since shaving is also a way to exfoliate the skin, I know that the body naturally tries to repair the skin once it’s been removed.  For this reason, sometimes I hold off putting lotion on my face.  If I do this, I can feel my skin pinching and this is a signal that my skin needs relief.  This also tells me that the repair process has started.  I then put on lotion later to sooth any soreness that my body hasn’t relieved.  I’ll hold off putting lotion on completely if know I’ll be doing one of the elements listed above like going outside on a hot day, exercising, or taking a steam/bath.


In closing, only apply lotion when you really need it.  The more you use, the more dependent you become.  The less you use, the more beneficial it will be when you do use it.