I love sweets.  I probably eat something with sugar every day.  It’s not a sin to enjoy one of the greatest creations ever made.  You just need to enjoy them in moderation. 


Benefits of Having A Sweet

Besides enjoying the pleasures of sweets, there are benefits to having something sugary after a meal.  If I have a sweet, it immediately stops my hunger.  So besides getting rid of the overwhelming flavor of lunch on my tastebuds, having a sweet avoids the temptation of consuming extra calories.  


Have a Mint or Gum

Even though I have a dessert every day, there are ways to limit the amount.  First of all, I usually don’t have a dessert after lunch.  The majority of my time I’ll have a sugar free mint.  This will immediately put a clean and crisp feeling in my mouth that shuts off my hunger.  The other benefit is that you’ll have better smelling breath.  I make sure to only have mints without sugar because besides not having calories, they don’t coat your teeth with sugar and leave you prone to cavities.


Brushing Has Its Advantages

Another way I remove the flavor of food in my mouth is brushing my teeth after a meal.  This cleanses the tastebuds along with making it feel crisp and refreshing.  It feels so good that you don’t want to eat anything for a while since you don’t want to ruin the clean sensation. 


One Small Sweet Can Go A Long Way

If I don’t have a mint after a meal, I’ll have a small piece of candy.  You would be surprised how one small piece can satisfy that sugar craving.  It completely coats the mouth and replaces the flavor from lunch.  I find that hard candy works best since it lasts longer.  Even though they’re hard to find, try to eat sweets that contain real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors.  The first one will only increase your chances of crashing after the sugar rush.


Slow Down

If I do have a small dessert or small piece of candy after a meal, I’ll focus on the flavor.  Let it sit in your mouth and let your tongue savor the new sensation before swallowing.  You can make one small piece taste just as rewarding as a whole dessert.  


But What about those Office Birthdays?

This system also works if someone is celebrating a birthday in the office.  Try eating one bite instead of one piece. That way you can have your cake and your figure too.  You would be surprised how one small sample will put a sweet flavor in your mouth and satisfy your craving.  Doing this also eliminates agonizing about not joining in.  While not having a piece will look like you’re watching your weight, eating too much cake looks like you have a problem.  One bite solves the dilemma.


Focus On What You Like

Another revelation that I came across while eating cookies after a meal was that I was craving more of the chocolate chips.  I realized that I was eating the cookie just to get to the chocolate.  It made me realize, why don’t I just eat pure chocolate instead of a cookie that includes all the dough?  Ever since then, I’ll just enjoy a piece of chocolate and it will suffice my sugar craving.  Now, I don’t have eat all the extra calories that come in the dough portion of the cookie.


Please share a thought below or send an email if you have another way of avoiding sweets!